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Artist: Roger Kastel
Condition: B *
Dimensions: 27.3 x 40.8 in. / 69.3 x 103.6 cm.
Circa: 1975
Linen Backed
* See Condition Grading section for further details
The poster was folded once vertically and three times horizontally and professional restoration has been performed to address fine surface paper loss and small loses at cross folds;  some scotch tape was applied to add structural integrity to some of the cross folds which caused darkening to the areas where it was applied; specifically, at the three main cross folds, resulting in restoration needed to be performed to color over the dark tape stains; the restoration was done very well but you can still see faint stains as well as some paint that was used to cover the stains, most noticeably in and around the upper red letters in the title JAWS; there are a couple sets of repaired staple holes in the bottom blue corner areas of the poster as well as a 2" long vertical "shark bite" tear in the dark blue area on the right side of the poster about half way down. Despite its defects, this poster should display nicely once framed.