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Artist: Adolph Treidler
Condition: A- *
Dimensions: 25 x 39.9 in. / 63.5 x 101.3 cm.
Circa: 1950s
Linen Backed
* See Condition Grading section for further detail
The poster was folded once vertically and three times horizontally; touch-up/restoration has been performed by a professional artist along fold lines and cross folds and the poster now displays beautifully; above the logo at the bottom there are some small blue spots which appear to be print defects; originally the poster was printed with a Lockheed Constellation aircraft below the "IRE" but at some point white paint was silkscreened over the plane in the shape of a cloud, presumably as the airline moved into the jet age and was no longer advertising the Constellation; very small foxing spot above and between the "RE" in "IRELAND."