COGNAC MONNET ..du soleil dans un verre.. - Leonetto Cappiello

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Artist: Leonetto Cappiello
Condition: A- *
Dimensions: 50 x 77.5 in. / 127 x 197 cm.
Circa: 1927
Linen Backed
* See Condition Grading section for further details
The linen has been trimmed close to the edges but not into them; some surface abrasions in the upper margin; some small areas of restoration in the red of the woman's dress just to the left of her left shin; 4" crease in the black area between the woman's right shin and the text "dans;" 2" horizontal surface scratch/indentation on the right edge slightly entering the image a few inches above the artist's signature; some soft creasing in image; despite it's minor defects, this beautiful and huge poster should display wonderfully once framed.